API Update

Over the past six months, we have focused on our API and have made some exciting updates to improve our acclaimed XML gateway.  Our product offering has continually grown to compliment expanding demands.  Improvements have been made in the documentations to better suit both PHP programmers and .Net programmers.  We have also developed several new delivery methods to better suit each partner and their various needs.

The products supported through the full documented API now service virtually any need for pre-employment screening, tenant screening, volunteer screening, and various other data needs.  Products supported include;

  • Database criminal searches
  • Single state and nationwide sex offender registries
  • County criminal, statewide criminal, and federal criminal searches
  • Nationwide criminal eviction searches, statewide criminal eviction searches
  • Credit reports
  • Social security traces
  • Verifications including education (high-school, college, graduate, specialty degrees), past and current employment, professional references, personal references, professional licenses, landlord references, and income verifications
  • Workers compensation reports
  • Medical sanction searches and excluded parties list searches

Another very exciting update is our ability to communicate decisions made through our customizable scoring applications.  You have the ability to set your own scoring criteria for virtually any product or combination of products and our system will score the results.  Through the API, you have the choice to receive the full report or simply the decision or score that was generated.

Not only do we have a widely varied offering but we provide access to numerous different data providers.  Rather than having to integrate several providers based on your needs, you can accomplish everything by integrating with VICTIG.

Lastly, we provide much more than just data.  Many federal, state, and municipal regulations and guidelines accompany this type of data such as the FCRA, DPPA, EEOC Guidelines, Title VII, and nearly countless others.  Having a dedicated team to help you avoid any unnecessary liability and developing a plan for full compliance is priceless.  The VICTIG team is knowledgeable about the current legislative landscape and how it affects you.  It is imperative that you use data properly.

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