Why didn’t you do a background check?

Pre-employment background checks are a must these days.  I can’t come up with any reason why a company would NOT want to do them.  In our company every day we see reasons why you would always want to look at the history of an individual before you hire them.  Recently a Utah company made a mistake, a very costly one for that matter, when they didn’t perform a criminal search on an employee.  Teri Ann Jarvis was hired as a secretary and over the course of her employment embezzled over $500,000 dollars.  If they would have done a Utah state wide criminal search they would have found a criminal history that could have changed their mind about hiring her.  Jarvis pleaded guilty in 2001 to issuing a bad check of less than $300, a third-degree felony and In 1991 she was charged with attempted forgery also a third-degree felony.   Read Article

Sometimes employers think placing applicants in higher positions warrants the cost of a background check or you should spend more money on those people but in fact it is the exact opposite.  The jobs that pay the least are the ones that pose the greatest risk.

All business should be doing a comprehensive background check so that they protect themselves legally and in the case mentioned above protect their money.


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