What are the benefits of using VICTIG’s QuickApp tool?

VICTIG’s QuickApp is an application that allows your applicants to enter all their information and complete the required compliance procedures for the reports you have chosen to request on them. There are several reasons you might consider this process.


As you are aware, before ordering information from VICTIG, you must provide disclosure to the applicant, obtain authorization, provide them with a summary of their rights, and depending on where they will be employed, specialized notices.

When the QuickApp is used, the applicant must acknowledge the disclosure, the authorization, and acknowledgment that they have received a copy of their rights. Some jurisdictions require additional, customized notices and authorizations and the QuickApp dynamically requires the appropriate documents from the geographic information provided by the applicant.

All of this information is date stamped and stored so compliance with law and regulation can be later proved should a question or challenge arise.

The QuickApp ensures compliance in these areas and stores and documents your compliance.

Operational Efficiency

With the applicant filling out their own information, which you then take and key into our system to order reports, you can cut out your staff doing so much data entry. Aside from the staff time savings, it may reduce data entry transcription errors.

There are different levels of review you may choose after the applicant has entered and submitted the information. You may choose to have the information auto processed, you may choose to review the applicant input before submitting it to us or, you may choose to have VICTIG do a review process. For example, if you choose to have VICTIG review the submission, we will look to see that the applicant put the first and last name in the first and last name fields and not the other way around. The level of review done, if any, is up to you.

The QuickApp applicant interface is simple and mobile-friendly and can be especially valuable when your applicants are applying remotely and are unable to be in your office to physically sign forms. It is mobile-friendly and the applicants can get notices and prompts via text. The applicant cannot access their reports through the QuickApp when complete, though they may request a copy from you.

There is no fee for using the QuickApp. If you want to know more about it, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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