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volunteer background screeningThere are a lot of people who volunteer to help various companies, hospitals and organizations. Those groups are always happy to have someone new to help out. With all there is to do there is always need for more people and more hands. The problem is that even though they want to donate their time and help you still need to make sure they have a clean background history and can represent your organization.  Also there are some people that deliberately volunteer to prey on young kids.  The best way for a group to protect themselves and others  is to do Background Checks on all Volunteers.

Many companies do background screening on their prospective employees because they want to make sure that the potential employee has the credentials that they say they do and no harsh crimes in their past. A Volunteer Background Screening is no different. It’s the best way to find out what is going on in a person’s history.

A Volunteer Background Screening can be very comprehensive or it can check just one or two things. For example it can check out the credit history of a person who is going to be working with money or someone working with kids it can search their criminal history to make sure the volunteer doesn’t have crimes against kids.  A group that works with children would really want to make sure that each volunteer has a thorough background screening when it comes to their criminal history. While all groups have a responsibility to the people they serve to make sure they are protected, groups that work with children have a unique responsibility to keep children safe from people who want to harm them. The best way to do that is to check out each volunteer carefully. Checking their criminal history in the state they are in as well as any states they have ever lived in is the responsible thing to do.

The volunteer agencies don’t have to worry about running a Volunteer Background Screening on their own.  We provide the very best and easiest process for volunteer screening.  With our custom Quickapp and E-Signature process we make the lives of any organization screening volunteers easier.  We would love to show anyone interested a demo of how it all works.  Please contact us to test it out, we will give you some reports for free so that we can prove we have the best process out there.

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