Victig Yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Each year, Victig collects data from its customers so it can evaluate its own performance and devise a plan-of-attack on the next year to be sure it continues to meet or surpass customer expectations. The evaluations are based on surveys customers take following their purchase and use of services from the company and a third-party supplier qualifier.

Survey results indicate a 96% satisfaction rating with Victig services

Victig used the survey company Open Ratings to create a Past Performance Evaluation to analyze how their business performed in the year 2013. Customers were asked the question, “Overall, how satisfied do you feel about the performance of this company during this transaction,” and responded with a 96% satisfaction rating. They were also asked about the company’s reliability, cost, order accuracy, delivery/timeliness, quality, business relations, personnel, customer support, and responsiveness. In each of these categories, Victig was graded with a stunning 96% and above, with their best rating being in order accuracy at 98%.

D&B reports low risk of Victig ceasing operations

Victig was also rated in D&B’s Supplier Qualifier Report using the SER (supplier evaluation risk rating) which “predicts the likelihood that a supplier will cease operations, regardless of debts outstanding, or become inactive over the next 12 months.” Victig was rated with a 3, which on this scale means they have a low risk of defaulting or going out of business. Their payments to creditors are “prompt” which the survey explains to mean payments are made 30 or more days sooner than was agreed on in the terms of agreement with their supplier.

In the entire United States, just 12% of all businesses have the same SER score. Victig’s likelihood of ceasing operations is 3.1% (which means the chances are basically nill) while the average SER score is 5.6%.

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