The Value of Continuous Employee Screening

We’re all familiar with the importance of employee screening in the interview process, but industry leaders, including Attorney Lester Rosen, predict that continuous employee screening will gain popularity in the coming year.

What is Continuous Screening?

Continuous employee screening is the practice of conducting post-hire background checks periodically on employees as a risk-management tool, in order to uncover criminal activity that may take place during their employment. The practice is particularly relevant to the financial sector, wherein criminal convictions of embezzlement, fraud, and theft are especially worrisome.

But is Continue Screening FCRA Compliant?

With the rise of ban-the-box legislation, employers must be particularly careful with how they handle their employees’ and prospective employees’ criminal histories. For example, in many regions, it is no longer compliant to run criminal background check in the preliminary stages of hiring in order to give the candidate a fair opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications. This is also to give them a chance to make a case for their eligibility.

Rosen recommends that employers consider these following factors in determining if continuous screening is applicable to their needs, fair, and compliant:

  1. They may lead to a false sense of security, especially if the background checks are incomplete or inefficient.
  2. The employee must know that continuous screening will be conducted and provide their consent.
  3. Procedures in place in the event that a criminal record is found.
  4. Must be compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  5. Should not be considered or used as a stand-alone precaution against insider threats.
  6. Consider how continuous screening may impact morale and your company’s culture.

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