Understanding Worker’s Compensation Reports

Making hiring decisions is no small task. Like dating, the hiring process is a meticulous investigative endeavor designed to sift out pebbles and unearth the gems. We all know the feeling when the process fails us and we end up with a pebble in our shoe. Comprehensive background checks, when done well, are the ultimate sieve.

By vetting candidates with diverse and thorough forms of verifications, which can include worker’s compensation reports, we can confidently make hiring decisions that will not only protect against future liability, but will ensure the continued success and profitability of your company. That is, after all, the whole idea, right?

Why Request a Worker’s Compensation Report?

One of the pieces of this comprehensive puzzle is the worker’s compensation report. Many employers choose to request these types of reports in order to further verify the legitimacy of the application. The American’s with Disabilities Act naturally forbids employment discrimination based on an applicant’s medical history and any worker’s compensations claims made in their past, but verifying the legitimacy of these claims is entirely within the employer’s rights.

What Does a Worker’s Compensation Report Consist of?

Worker’s compensation reports contain the following information:

  • the date and time of the injury
  • nature of the injury
  • injured body part(s)
  • medical status
  • and if applicable, the adjudication dates and type of settlements

Not every report may look the same or contain the same categories, and the ADA mandates that the contained information be used solely for informational purposes and not as a factor in the decision to take adverse action (the decision not to hire). In fact, some states do not provide these records at all.

For the states that do, VICTIG offers thorough reporting on worker’s compensation records.

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