Dating Background Checks: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

love-online-datingTechnology has an unlimited capacity to promote connection, both professional and personal. Nowadays, people can network with business associates or drop sentiments of appreciation and affection with a single click or tap.

However, technology also allows the unscrupulous to take advantage of others, particularly in the dating world. With apps like Tinder on the market, singletons can peruse the dating pool without having to present themselves for a physical read. They can post photos on their profiles from years past that shed a more favorable light on their appearance and message prospective matches pretending to be anyone they want, weaving an elaborate web that creates an emotional attraction so the recipient might bypass deal-breaking red flags on a first date, ultimately redefining the power of a first impression.

Because modern dating culture has evolved to allow others to hide behind a screen, the concept of running a background check on a potential mate does not seem as invasive as it might have five or ten years ago. Luckily, several databases exist that help wary daters find peace of mind.

Professional Background Check

The easiest way for an individual to get a comprehensive look at another is to hire a background check company to investigate a prospective partner’s criminal, professional, and educational history, because people are willing to hide a lot more than convictions. Just as one might exaggerate qualifications on a resume in order to gain employment, a date (especially a first date) might feel inclined to embellish details about his or her background or fabricate them altogether.

Criminal Databases

Criminal records are free to the public, and 46 states have electronic databases that pull up on national searches. Checking the national sex offender registry is always a good idea when running a criminal search as well.

Social Media/Internet

A simple Google search or a perusal of one’s social media accounts also elucidates information that he or she may not even know is out there. Running these checks on yourself is never a bad idea either, considering you might come across inaccurate or misleading information that you would like to remove from the web.

Remember, you cannot run a credit check on another person without written consent, according to FCRA guidelines.

While it would be nice to be able to make a personal connection with someone and not worry about the lengths to which he or she may go to alter or cover up past behavior, the way we date doesn’t afford us as much transparency as we would like. With all of the free information out there, prioritizing your safety and emotional well-being is never a bad choice.

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