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victig background screening quickapp esignatureScreening applicants can be a hassle, whether you’re an employer looking to expand your business or a landlord seeking to fill a vacancy. Recruiting applicants, reviewing applications, completing interviews to find the perfect fit – all of this can be stressful, and the added difficulty of keeping compliant with the FCRA can be too much to handle. There are numerous examples of class action lawsuits with settlements in the millions of dollars against pizza chains, major banks, and other employers, for simple technical FCRA violations like including a release of liability in the same document as the FCRA Summary of Rights. Compliance with the FCRA also applies to collection of personal identifiers, ensuring that the information reported is complete and accurate (no room for data entry errors), and even organizing secure storage of authorizations. To avoid these issues entirely, the QuickApp is available for you to use directly from InstaScreen.

Once the applicant receives the e-mail invitation to the QuickApp, they will be able to click on a link to electronically sign and authorize the background check. Default disclosures for employment, tenant, and volunteer screening are built into the application, including the Summary of Rights under the FCRA, notices for residents of California and New York, and the ability for the applicant to request a copy of the report. Authorizations are stamped with the date, time, and IP address of the applicant, and stored in a dropdown for access on the report results page at any time. Applicants then proceed to completing the data entry for their own personal identifiers, residence and employment history, and any other data entry needed to submit the order. If you’d prefer to avoid the any sensitive discrimination issues related to reporting of the applicant’s SSN or DOB, these identifiers can be completely masked. With the minimal amount of effort, you can avoid tedious data entry, find your perfect applicant, remain compliant, and keep the rest of your valuable focus on the business that truly needs it.

Here is a short video tutorial on the QuickApp

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