The Importance of Employment Background Screening

Hiring the right people is a crucial component of any business. Obviously, they need to be skilled enough to handle the job requirements or you need to provide the training to get them to that point, but that’s not all you need to look into. All too often, employers fail to look into the background of their candidates. They avoid Employment Background Screening because they view it as another expense that they think really isn’t necessary, but when you realize what a toll a bad employee could take on your business, you will understand just why it is so important to do.  We have seen this many times.  These days you don’t run into many business any more that are not doing background screening.

The first thing that you should do when doing a Employment Background check is search for any criminal records.  Most Companies search some type of database and that is it.   What we recommend running a database search and always follow that up with specific county searches. You can also look into the driving records of candidates, which is pertinent even if you are not hiring for a driving position. The screening can give you information with regards to whether a candidate has any sort of drug abuse history as well. These types of things are not always shared, and finding out about them before hiring someone is a lot easier to deal with than having to let the person go after they have caused trouble in your business.

Some of the other things that an Employment Background Screening will catch will be problems at previous jobs. A person is most likely not going to list problems that they had at prior jobs on their resume, and if they don’t have a very impressive one, they might try to beef it up by embellishing the truth. By doing this, they could fool you into hiring them. Even if you quickly figure out that they are under-qualified and deal with the problem, you will have already paid them up until that point. Paying for a screening is less costly than employee turnover.

Ultimately, the wrong person can affect everyone else in your business. They can even damage relationships with current customers that you have, which are the lifeblood of your business. Don’t take that chance, and invest in Employment Background Screening before hiring anyone.

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