The Different Types of Background Checks—Are you Doing the Right Ones?

Employers conduct background checks—or hire companies like Victig to do them—to ensure that their company, employees, clients, and sensitive information stays safe. But they may still be exposed to risks by not conducting the right background check. To determine which background checks apply to which jobs or professions, you must understand the limitations and goals of the different background checks available.

Criminal Background Check

Although employers can’t hold a criminal record against someone, they can choose not to hire them for a position of trust or finance if they’ve been convicted of a theft. However, an applicant should be forthcoming about any and all convictions. You’ll want to check more than national records as well as local criminal records; some convicts may travel to other states to avoid past convictions.

DMV Records

Employers can check an applicant’s driving record. Not only is this important if the job involves some driving, but a driving record can give a little more insight into an applicant’s character.

Credit Check

Employers may not only check an applicant’s credit if they’re applying for a financial position, but also to see if they are responsible. Showing responsibility and maturity with money may indicate what kind of employee they will be.

Employment Background Check

Want to catch the one-third of the population that lies on their resume? They you’d better run an employment background check to verify dates, salary, and job description. You don’t want to hire someone who will compromise their integrity to get a job.

Education Verification

Along with employment history, many applicants lie or aggrandize their education. Whether it is accolades, scholarships, coursework, G.P.A., or even degrees earned that is fabricated, it is all fraud. You would be surprised by the number of professionals who have lied about their education in some way, and even gotten away with it for a time.

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