The Top 5 Things to Look for in a Background Screening Provider

No matter if you are trying to make a decision on a job applicant or on a potential tenant, you most likely understand the importance of utilizing a background service provider. Even if you are a veteran of the background check game, the myriad of companies that provide this important service can be overwhelming. Don’t fret though, if you follow the five proceeding guidelines you will be equipped to make a smart decision on a background service provider.

1. Credibility

When trying to determine an individual’s credibility it just makes sense that the company you choose to screen them is also credible. One such way to ensure you hire a credible background service provider is by checking if they are accredited. An accreditation process requires an agency to undergo audits proving that they are adhering to laws and regulations.

2. Accuracy

You may always get results from a background screening service but are the results accurate? The aforementioned accreditation once again makes this decision much easier. Find a review service or another objective third-party that can determine the accuracy of a background service provider.

3. Speed

Time is money. You need to fill that open position or location an acceptable tenant as soon as possible. No matter how accurate or even credible the information, if it arrives to you slowly it’s practically useless. Before hiring an agency determine the timeframe that works for you and make them stick to it.

4. Number of Services

Look for a provider that includes all of the services you require. You may need a criminal background check, reference check and drug testing. Prior to hiring an agency contact them, or check their website, for the services they offer. It’s always best to select an agency that has robust offerings in case you require more services in the future.

5. Customer service experience

This goes for all companies not just background screening agencies, look for firms that have exemplary customer service. Background checks are vitally important for your selection process so having easy-to-contact and responsive customer service should be a must.

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