The 4 Corners of Tenant Screening

The 4 corners of tenant screening consist of a Tenant Credit Report, Criminal Record Search, Eviction Search and a Scoring Model.

Most property managers know that they should pull credit and search criminal and eviction data but a lot of managers don’t use a scoring model.  The scoring model with tenant screening is very important and should be used to help with fair housing laws.  Our scoring model allows property managers to truly customize how they would like to objectively score each applicant that walks in their doors.  They can customize how they score the credit score, income to rent ratio, income to debt ratio, whether or not they want to take into account medical collections, how heavy they would like to score delinquent accounts, charge offs and bankruptcy’s.   For the decision or suggested decision for each tenant you can create your own verbiage specific to your properties.   There are so many other criteria you can modiy and customize to make sure that you are getting consistent suggestions from the score card.

The most important thing as a property manager when you are screening your prospective tenants is to do a very through search and don’t cut corners.  Always make sure you are getting the best criminal data and that you are not paying too much for your screening.

We can guarantee that we can give you better data and a better price for your tenant screening service needs.

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