Tenant Scorecard

tenant-score-cardIf you are a landlord with a high turnover rate in tenant screening applications, you are likely more familiar with the credit report than most other people in this country; however, that doesn’t make it any less time-consuming to review and interpret credit data for each and every applicant that comes through. If you’re a landlord that only accepts applicants occasionally, it can be even more difficult to refresh your memory when poring over tradelines, bankruptcies, revolving payments, collection accounts, identity alerts, and simply taking the time to determine what makes an applicant credit-worthy.
The Tenant Scorecard is a simple tool that can do all of the credit analyzation on your behalf. By providing your standard credit criteria, the Scorecard will automatically calculate whether or not an applicant meets your standards, and provide you with a simple Pass, Fail, or Conditional recommendation. This includes calculating income-to-rent and income-to-debt ratios, configuring results based on type and date of certain credit elements, and factoring credit score, tradeline payment history, and a number of other configurable variables. Whatever your standards are, the Tenant Scorecard can judge if your applicants are up to snuff.

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