How Technology is Changing the Face of Employee Screening

In the pursuit of efficiency in all aspects of the screening industry, employee screening providers are now incorporating advanced software technology in their processes in order to make the hiring experience for both employers and applicants faster, smarter, and easier. According to ESR CEO Lester Rosen, the adoption of such software will become more prevalent this year as providers seek to remain competitive.

The Need for Speed

Depending on the employer and the industry, a fast turnaround time for background check verifications during the hiring process is either crucial or simply preferred. Essentially, no one wants to wait forever for the results, and everyone demands accuracy. For the applicants, the sooner they can hear back about an employer’s hiring decision, the better. For both parties, software that can contribute to fast and accurate screenings transforms the experience and sets a new precedent for the industry into the future.

Beware of the Term “Disruptive”

While it’s one thing for a provider to offer quality and efficient software and features with their services and quite another for HR technology creator to repurpose and perhaps rebrand existing software as something new and “disruptive.”

“Disruptive” is a buzz word used to suggest a subversion of the old and the introduction of the new and cutting edge. The problem with this “disruptive” approach is the tendency to neglect the importance of diligent and conscientious compliance with the FCRA and the EEOC in favor of speed. Ultimately, this approach will end up costing too much at best and resulting in a lawsuit at worst.

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