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As of late we have been working with a lot of Staffing Companies.  We have figured out a way to offer an amazing criminal search at a cost that makes sense for Staffing without compromising the quality of the data.  We understand that with most companies in the the staffing industry you need to provide a good background check at the lowest cost possible. This is a tough game to play because with employment screening if you want a thorough background check you need to pay a higher cost.

Our staffing solutions is perfect.  We offer a national criminal search including a 50 state sex offender search along with county criminal and statewide searches at a price that allows companies to compete for new accounts and not eat into their margins.

Another tool that provides a time and money saver for Staffing companies is our Quickapp.  Our Quickapp tool provides a safety net for employers when it comes to compliance.  It sends an invitation to the applicants email address to fill out all the necessary information relating to the background check.  This process eliminates paper work and the compliance headache.  Watch the quick video below to see how this works.

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