We are going Social

We have made a push lately to be more Social.  We feel we understand Social Media very well and have implemented SMO on different levels with multiple projects but have never really pushed VICTIG out on the Social Media scene.   We have created a Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn business page, Google + page and YouTube channel.   It is going to be a big project and commitment of ours to keep these different Social Media outlets up to date with constant content but we are going to give it our best shoot.

They way we look at is every business needs to have a Social Media presence regardless if the SM outlet is a platform where their prospective clients look for services.  Here is an example of our thoughts with Facebook:

We are solely a business to business company and even though Facebook is, in our opinion, mostly a business to consumer platform we still wanted to create a Facebook page to push content and information.

Background screening information can be boring when you write about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how to stay compliant, educating HR directors on the process of Pre Adverse Action and Adverse Action and informing business about the changes to the EEOC’s suggestions on how be fair and consistent when making employment decisions based on the back ground check….. but with that said, we want to be informative and at the same time provide fun content.

So here is where you can find us:




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