Motor Vehicle Reports

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) help companies identify possible employees or current employees that have unsafe driving records.

VICTIG Motor Vehicle Reports

These reports are generally pulled for transportation-based jobs or jobs that are regulated by the Department of Transportation. It is often assumed that running a regular background check on a prospective employee is enough to gather the required information. But motor vehicle claims and accident reports, license suspensions, driving endorsements and more are not included in a normal background check. Without a team like VICTIG working for you, you’ll need to take time out of your own schedule to run the MVR and get the information you need. Why not let us take care of it for you instead?

What is a MVR Background Check?

An MVR background check is a comprehensive report of a person’s driving history. Employers use this information to help them decide whether a new hire is a safe driver and would therefore be a suitable fit for a transportation job.

The MVR report includes a variety of information, including:

  • License expiration
  • Current status
  • License classification
  • Driving endorsements
  • Restrictions
  • Traffic violations
  • Car accidents
  • Vehicular crimes
  • License suspensions
  • Unpaid parking tickets

How Far Back Does an MVR Report Go?

Motor vehicle reports typically outline the last three to seven years of a person’s driving history, but that timeline varies from state to state. Unlike background checks that have searchable databases, there is no national database for driving history. This means that every MVR has to be pulled directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles (by state) to gather information.

What Is Continuous MVR Monitoring?

Continuous monitoring is watching a person’s driving history on an ongoing basis. This is usually done for those with commercial driver’s licenses or people working for transportation companies. Employers want to maintain current and accurate driving information on their employees, so they choose continuous MVR monitoring to ensure they know if and when issues arise.

"It's so hassle-free, I’ve actually told other HR people at other companies how much we’ve enjoyed our partnership."

- Josh Garner

Why Companies Should Consider MVR Monitoring

If you are responsible for employing anyone who needs to drive on behalf of your company, you need motor vehicle reports monitoring. An employee driving with an expired license or traffic violations presents a significant liability to your company, especially if they are in an accident. That accident could cost you potential lawsuits, a damaged brand image, and increased insurance premiums.

By enrolling in a continuous MVR monitoring plan, you can ensure that all of your drivers are fit to be on the road; you will also have mitigated risks and, ultimately, saved your company money in the process. Having up-to-date driving reports for all your employees helps you have peace of mind that they are being safe and responsible while representing your company.

VICTIG Can Help You

With VICTIG taking care of your MVR needs, you enjoy:

  • Direct access to MVRs from all 50 states
  • Most results are instant or close to instant. Some can take up to 48 hours
  • A dedicated team to help you understand report results
  • The option to easily do bulk orders with batches and or order reports monthly or annually
  • Superior customer service for any problem
  • Easy-to-use technology
  • Simple, user-friendly systems
  • Better prices than other companies

Let VICTIG Handle Your Motor Vehicle Reports

At VICTIG, we are experts at background checks, employment verification, motor vehicle reports, and more. We take on these processes for you and deliver fast turnaround times and complete, accurate information on every potential or existing employee. You can trust our team to get you all the motor vehicle report stats you need to hire the right people for any job.