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Employment Verification & History

Employment verifications are a basic way to mitigate the risk of hiring mistakes. Many candidates misrepresent their work histories and experiences in the interview process and may actually be less experienced and qualified than they say. With an employment history verification, you can confirm the accuracy of their work history — from job titles and dates of employment to work location, accomplishments, and more.

What Is Employee Verification at VICTIG?

A VICTIG employment verification background check is an online service that touches base with a candidate’s former employers to not only confirm their job positions and employment dates but also their overall competency and reliability as an employee. You can learn a lot from talking to someone’s previous company, and the information you get may just help you decide between two candidates who seem to be equally qualified. Contracting a third-party provider for this service will speed up your time to hire and remove this tedious task from your hiring team’s extensive to-do list.

Why Does Employment Checking Matter?

As an employer, you have high standards for the people you bring into your organization. It may not seem like a big deal that someone has one year of experience rather than the two they claimed to have on a resume, but that year can represent learning gaps and missing skills. An employment check ensures that a candidate meets the minimum qualifications of your position saving you from any unnecessary risk as a result of inexperience. It can also give you the assurance you need to feel confident that an applicant will perform optimally in your organization over time.

What Can You Learn From an Employment History Check?

An employment check can verify job positions, salary, employment dates and locations, and work achievements. Just as importantly, you can also learn whether a person was released from one of their jobs for incompetence or even more serious reasons.

An employment history check can also illuminate gaps in someone’s employment history that may be worth finding out about. Gaps between jobs can be legitimate; someone may have had to take a break from work to further their education, resolve a health issue, take care of a family member, or obtain other professional training. In some cases, unexplainable gaps are concerning, as they may indicate a lack of motivation.

Overview of VICTIG Employment History Reporting

At VICTIG, our comprehensive employment verification and history checks are designed to give you a full picture of a candidate’s work background. We work with a candidate’s previous supervisors to validate every little piece of an employee’s work history information, including job positions, salary claims, and dates of employment, performance, attendance, and professional licensing. We also find out why an applicant left their previous positions so you can determine whether there’s a risk that they may also leave your organization prematurely.

All of this is done within the bounds of FCRA compliance regulations to spare you the legal risk surrounding background checks. Our verifications are done in three days or less so you can get people to work sooner and spend more time on the people aspect of your business.

Benefits of an Employment History Background Check

By entrusting VICTIG with your employment history checks, you will be able to:

  • Effortlessly validate a candidate’s work history and tenure
  • Hire candidates sooner by reducing the turnaround times for employment checks
  • Minimize overhead costs by allowing our expert team to handle this time-consuming task
  • Make the process easier and less stressful for candidates by using our intuitive online reporting platform
  • Recognize discrepancies in candidate information before it’s too late
  • Increase your ROI by confidently hiring people who will make great contributions to your company

"As far as the expectations that you guys set for us, you’ve hit all of them. The support has been fantastic… Everything just works."

- Ric Heaton

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