Criminal Background Checks for Business

At VICTIG, we ensure thorough criminal background checks for employment with a rapid turnaround time at the local and federal level so you can have confidence in your hires.

We proudly make the workplace a safer and more secure place for all who entrust us with this task.

Background checks are crucial to protecting the financial viability of your company and the safety of your employees. By hiring a candidate with a clandestine criminal record, you assume a level of risk that could jeopardize your organization. While not every crime is enough to discount an applicant from consideration, conducting a criminal background check gives you the information you need to make an informed hiring decision.

Why Outsource Employee Criminal Background Checks?

As a hiring manager, you’re tasked with sifting through resumes, overseeing interviews, coordinating with other HR professionals, communicating with candidates, and so much more. Criminal background checks may feel like a tedious and time-consuming item on your to-do list, but they have to get done. VICTIG is here to take these tasks off your hands with comprehensive screening solutions you can trust.

Our quick and accurate criminal background check services leave no stone unturned. We use the personal information provided by your applicant to scan public records, databases, and authorized agencies for arrests, criminal convictions, incarcerations, pending cases, and more in compliance with local and federal regulations.

Types of Criminal Background Checks

In order to get a full and accurate picture of a candidate’s criminal past, you have to conduct several types of background checks, many of which overlap. Here are the various background checks we perform as well as the information you’ll get from each one.


Criminal Record Search

The vast majority of crimes are heard in county courts, and thus, a county criminal records check should come standard with any background screening. We use the county criminal background check to scan for any potential arrests or convictions that occurred within the county in question and obtain detailed results on misdemeanors and felonies that could potentially be overlooked in higher-level searches.


Criminal Record Search

Some state databases contain records for every county. That’s why, in addition to county searches, we also check state databases to look for crimes committed in neighboring counties. Statewide background checks are especially effective if a candidate has lived in one state for most of his or her life.


Court Record Search

Any crime committed across state lines or on federal property is heard in a federal court. Using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), part of our federal criminal background check process includes a search for white collar crimes, drug trafficking, constitutional breaches, and other interstate and international crimes that could be on a candidate’s record.

Effective Criminal Background Screening

VICTIG has made it a goal to provide the highest quality investigation your business can obtain. We’ve teamed up with over 50 data providers to help you get the criminal background information you need as quickly and accurately as possible. In short, we have the connections you need to make smart hiring easier than ever before.


We provide simple, intuitive, compliant online software that makes it a breeze to gather candidate information in no time.

Low-Cost Services

We make it affordable to get efficient background screening. We’re so confident in our quality that we’ll beat any provider’s price.

Fully Compliant

Having been accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association, we know what it takes to stay compliant in the screening process.

Superior Support

Background checks can be complicated. Our friendly customer support is available around the clock to help you out.

"It's so hassle-free, I’ve actually told other HR people at other companies how much we’ve enjoyed our partnership."

- Josh Garner

Turnaround Time

When you need staff, you shouldn’t have to wait around for weeks to get your criminal background check results back. With VICTIG, we prioritize prompt turnarounds, enabling you to hire faster and get people on the job sooner.

How FBI Background Checks Are Flawed

People tend to believe that the FBI provides the most thorough, sophisticated background checks. On the contrary, the FBI doesn’t seek information beyond what the state provides to them.

International Background Checks

Selecting a reliable background check company is paramount, particularly when it comes to international background checks. VICTIG understands that better than anyone, which is why we are proud to offer our five-star screening services for international background checks. Our personalized service & support provide our worldwide client base with low turnaround times, high quality reports, and, ultimately, peace of mind that you can’t find anywhere else. Interested in our international background check services? Chat with one of our sales representatives today to learn more.

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