Why Screen Non-profit Employees and Volunteers?

Research has shown that 95% of all companies are victims of some form of internal theft, but only 10% of these same companies ever find out about it. We want your organization to be an exception to these statistics. Why? Because your non-profit exists to do good, and for that you need good people.

The Vital Importance of Screening Your Volunteers

The Face of the Organization

As a non-profit organization, you depend entirely on attracting and keeping only those volunteers who share your vision and will do their utmost to uphold your positive reputation. One negative interaction with one of your volunteers will tarnish your image indefinitely to a member of the community you hope to serve, and in today’s technological age, that one experience can become a PR nightmare once it hits social media. As you’re interviewing each volunteer, consider that you are hiring the face of your organization. Your due diligence should reflect the significance of that role.

What does their past suggest about their future with you?

Consider the essential functions of the volunteer’s role within your organization and then conduct a targeted background check that verifies their eligibility for that specific role. For example, if the volunteer will be driving one of the organization’s vehicles? What does a Motor Vehicle Record search say about their qualifications in that area? Will they be handling your organization’s finances? What does their Credit Report suggest about their financial history?

Reduce Risk

Litigation can be the death knell for most non-profits. Conducting background check on your volunteers helps to reduce the risk of liability that may lead to litigation. Work with a reputable screening provider to ensure that only the best people are brought into your organization.

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