Job seekers are becoming increasingly desperate for employment in today’s teetering economy. Unfortunately, that means they’re more likely than ever to skew the truth on their resumes, applications, and cover letters. Thus, background checks are a crucial part of the verification process and should include a thorough investigation of all of a candidate’s claims. The screening process can reveal important issues such as […]

As an employer, you have every right to subject candidates to a background check, ask direct questions about their qualifications during the interview process, and make hiring decisions based on whatever information you discover. But you must do so in compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws designed to protect applicants and current employees from […]

Reviewing the Background Report Now that you’ve received the information you’ve requested, here’s what you need to know as you allow what you’ve learned to influence your hiring decisions: The EEOC Again, regardless of the source of the information, federal law prohibits you from using the information to discriminate. As a rule of thumb you […]

Employer and Candidate Rights An employer has every right to require that their candidates undergo a background check, to ask direct questions about their qualifications in the interview process, and to make hiring decisions based on the information that they find. But they must do so while complying with certain federal, state, and municipal laws that […]

If you’re a U.S.-based employer, it’s likely that you routinely conduct background checks on your prospective employees. According to a recent survey, at least 72% of all employers do so for the purpose of protecting their companies. It’s an elective measure that you can use during the hiring process or in the case of promoting […]

In business, the profitability of any organization is going to depend on the productivity of its people. Every moment matters to the bottom line, so if something can be done sooner rather than later, it can be tempting to go with the faster option. Unfortunately, in the world of employment background checks “faster” does not […]

As you plan out the screening process for your organization, avoid common mistakes to make sure you successfully find the best candidate while minimizing risks. That last thing you want to do is

When screening candidates for employment, housing, or volunteer work, a background check will be your greatest asset in determining if the person will be an appropriate and beneficial fit for your

  Every organization is different so the background check option you choose will depend on your needs as well as your resources. Luckily, there is variety in the background check industry and you’ll be able to choose between full-service options and ones that will allow you to conduct piecemeal searches largely on your own. That […]

Common sense tells us that screening potential associates helps us to protect our assets, clients, and reputations. But what do the numbers say? If you’re on the fence about screening your candidates, consider these statistics before playing the odds. A Game of Numbers How much do you think it costs to replace an employee? Of […]

For employers and hiring managers alike, making hiring decisions while remaining compliant with local and federal laws is an increasingly challenging task with the growing restrictions around how applicants’ criminal records are handled. Background checks provide the confidence and reassurance employers are looking for when they are bringing new faces into their companies. For some […]