The Origin of VICTIG

Avoid Hiring Someone Like Victor Lustig

Victor sold the Eiffel Tower in Paris, twice!

VICTIG is a play on letters from the name Victor Lustig.

Victor Lustig is one of the most innovative con-artists of all time and was made famous when he sold the Eiffel Tower.

Our logo is a reminder to everyone that good screening is essential and if you do it correctly you can avoid hiring a Victor Lustig. Wiley, yes, but a background check provided by VICTIG would have saved many people money, time, trouble, and heartache.

Victor Lustig had 45 known aliases, spoke 5 languages perfectly, and was arrested over 50 times in the United States alone. He was born in Czechoslovakia in 1890 and swindled many individuals and organizations across Europe and the United States.

Victor was so cunning that not even the most feared of criminals were immune to his scams as he duped none other than Al Capone.