National Criminal Database Inaccuracy


Filling an open position is a time consuming and a very costly endeavor, that’s why choosing the right candidate is so vitally important. You will screen, interview and background check all of your potentials but don’t make a crucial error. The idea of an in depth, convenient, all-encompassing national criminal database search is an attractive option, however, the accuracy of such a service is questionable at best. Before using a national criminal database service carefully review the following issues.

Not all counties and states will be included
The main selling factor behind a national criminal database search is obviously it’s ability to search the entire nation. One problem, not all states and counties sell their records. Imagine this scenario: you think you hired the perfect candidate only to find out the criminal database you employed doesn’t include a county or an entire state this candidate resided. That’s a mistake you don’t want to make.

Data accuracy
The data itself may not be accurate. For example, an error in data input or the possibility that a record was changed but not updated. Once again you are not receiving a complete, accurate picture.

New Laws are restricting access
Identify theft strikes approximately 15 million people per year and this staggering fact has motivated state legislatures to enact laws to protect consumers. These new laws limit access to information and this could equal an incomplete picture of a candidates past.

True national databases are only available to law enforcement
If you really want a true national database that is complete and accurate you must have the right credentials. In other words, unless you are with the FBI you aren’t accessing a true national database.

Data used in criminal database searches must be FCRA compliant
The Fair Credit Reporting Act protects consumers from being misrepresented in credit reports and background checks. In short, third party access to criminal databases is regulated by the FCRA so when weighing the option of using a national service keep this in mind.

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