Importance of Maintaining a Company Background Check Policy

Across the country, it is standard regulation that employers provide detailed information to potential employees regarding whether or not they will be subjected to a background check and the types of details that will be investigated.

Background checks protect employers as well as the potentially employed and it is particularly important that employers who screen the majority of their staff adopt and make available a company background check policy. For government-funded agencies, said policy will need to be made publicly available.

A complete background check policy will do all of several things, including:

  • provide answers to employee questions about the process
  • inform candidates of what types of information will be investigated
  • protect the company from liability by creating traceable proof that candidates were informed that a background check would be performed
  • provide a schedule for routine checks, if applicable
  • list roles within the company that require background checks
  • provide info on the vendor performing the background checks
  • detail state and federal regulations
  • provide procedural instructions for HR staff

Whenever changes or updates are made to the company background check policy, each employee should be informed of the changes. Additionally, the policy may also establish, for HR purposes and to further inform candidates of the position’s requirements, what background check results are deemed permissible and what are not. For example, some companies may not consider anyone with a credit score below 650 as eligible for hire, while others may not run credit checks at all.

Ultimately, your process for running background checks should be transparent, structured, and fair—not to mention thoroughly compliant with state and federal laws. To make sure your policy is up to scratch, Victig is available to answer any questions you may have.

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