Identification of Your Applicants – Let’s Get Back to Basics

Do you love getting back accurate information on your applicants? To quote Waylon and Willie, then maybe it’s time we got “back to the basics of love” (Don’t get the reference? Here’s a link to the song).

We’re not sure why, but in the past few years, there have been more instances in our industry in which employers have submitted inaccurate identifying information on the applicant and missed relevant information that would have disqualified the applicant.

One instance resulted in a lawsuit. An employer ordered a criminal record on an applicant and the record came back clear. The applicant was hired and later assaulted a person whom the employer served and got sued. In reviewing the case the employer discovered that the applicant had misspelled his name on the application. It was close, but a letter off. At the court, they did not have record of this “alias” and the names were not “linked.” The employer had photocopied the applicant’s drivers license and checked his Social Security Card, but not compared those accurate spellings with the application and submitted misidentifying information.

It is extremely important to verify the spelling of the name and accuracy of date of birth that you submit when ordering reports. Check the identifying information that you receive to ensure that it matches the identifying documents you were presented. “Ericson” and “Erikson,” “Gonsalves” and “Gonzales” are close, but may not result in an accurate search if the wrong spelling is used.

VICTIG uses methods that can sometimes catch name and date of birth discrepancies, but these methods primarily work when an individual has a history of using different names or dates of birth. The best method to ensure accurate data is to ensure accurate identifying information is submitted to VICTIG. The identifying information you submit is the hinge around which your entire background check revolves.

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