What Hiring Managers Should Look For In Candidates

9d706a9ebf0fb709076299a64818d8f3When it comes to hiring new talent, finding the right person for the job can be a difficult job in itself.

Screening applicants, contacting candidates, and interviewing each candidate can quickly eat into the limited amount of hours hiring managers have to find the right candidate.

Here are a few tips to help hiring managers quickly locate the right person without having to spend hours interviewing candidates.


It goes without saying, applicants with college degrees will usually find themselves ahead of applicants without a college education. Hiring managers should scan resumes for college degrees that are applicable to the position they are looking to fill.

If an employer can easily find a degree listed on a resume it helps to speed up the process of finding the right applicant. It is not always the case that the degree needs to be specific to the position what a degree does indicate is that the applicant has the ability to complete goals and work ethic to complete their degree.


Does the applicant have experience that relates to the position? If so what type of experience, will the employee be able to apply their experience to the position you’re looking to fill?

This is a tricky one, sometimes an applicant’s experience is a perfect fit while sometimes their experience doesn’t relate to the position but they have a work history of steady employment in various different roles and positions, which may be an indicator the applicant is versatile and could be trained quickly.

Use Social Media To Do Some Research

Taking a little time to research an applicant’s social media will help give you a good idea about potential candidates. It also gives you a little more information to help determine if the candidate is a good fit for the position you’re looking to fill.

Social media sites can help determine if a candidate uses good judgment or displays behavior that could determined to an employer’s reputation.  It can also help hiring managers to get to know the applicant before actually interviewing them.

Have Another Hiring Manager To Review Your Choices

 Invite other hiring managers to meet with you, this can prove to be extremely helpful , having other people involved will help you to improve your own interview techniques and can provide insights into candidates qualifications you may have overlooked.

Prepared Applicants

 Applicants who come prepared to a job interview show they are serious about wanting the job and will probably work hard for you if you decide to make them an offer.

If an applicant show’s up unprepared or has not done any research into the position they are applying for, it could be a signal they are not a good fit for the position. Look for candidates who have done their homework and show up prepared and have a least some understanding about the position they are applying for.

Following these tips can put you well on your way to finding the right candidate who will help you grow your business.

And Finally, Screenings

But even though all these areas are important aspects for hiring managers to look through, the most important is a good background check.

At VICTIG, we make certain that all businesses receive that most in-depth and comprehensive screenings for any potential hire.

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