Falsified Resume Costs Leading Basketball Coach High Profile Job

Up and coming basketball Coach Steve Masiello was living the dream, his team the Manhattan Jaspers were regaining their former glory and he was slated to be the new coach at the University of South Florida, when it was discovered in a routine background check that Masiello has falsified his resume.
Although Masiello had attended the University of Kentucky from the fall of 1996 to the summer of 2000, he never actually graduated, as his resume and bio at Manhattan stated. Within a few hours, Masiello’s world came tumbling down; USF terminated their pending contract and Manhattan College placed Masiello on leave while “reviewing his degree status with the University of Kentucky.”
This is an embarrassing situation for Manhattan College, for if they, and Masiello’s former employers, had conducted due diligence when hiring Masiello, this would never have happened.
However, this is not the first time a coach or professional lost a prestigious job because of false statements on their resume. The public only hears about high-profile scandals, but in reality an estimated that one-third of employment applicants falsify information about their educational background.
Oft times entry-level positions do not conduct background checks, allowing people to fly under the radar until they seek a higher profile position. They way to eliminate this is to always include background checks as part of your hiring process, no matter the position. Your company’s reputation rides on the backs of your employees, so make sure you can vouch for them.
Victig’s background checks look for a variety of records, such as employment history, degrees, criminal history, and more. An employment background report such as this sample would have shown Manhattan College that Masiello was lying about his degree, saving themselves and USF time, embarrassment and their reputations.

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