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Today’s thriving modern business owners have embraced the idea that the field of talent acquisition and recruitment is no longer a part of the complete human resources package. It’s an entirely separate animal that New Jersey-based software provider and one of VICTIG’s premier partners, iCIMS, has wrangled into a multi-million dollar industry.

iCIMS stands for Internet Collaborative Information Management Systems and delivers products that empower organizations of all sizes with dynamic, easy-to-use software designed to streamline the footwork of finding, impressing, screening, hiring, and onboarding top talent.

Why iCIMS?

Founded in 1999, iCIMS began as a leader in the industry of talent acquisition and remains a dominant player in the industry’s growth. As VICTIG’s strategic partner, iCIMS enables our different clients to do more with smaller, agile teams of human resource professionals while securing better results than what is now possible using older recruitment models.

The old model of posting a job and collecting resumes is no longer feasible in today’s highly accessible, digitized job market and talent community. Additionally, it’s just not a reliable way of finding the talent you need to make your business rise to new heights.

Finding “The Talent You Need”

According to iCIMS, 80% of hiring managers and 84% of recruiters recognize a direct impact between hiring “right” and their company’s ability to see their long-term goals come to fruition. There’s a lot at stake when an important position remains unfilled, or you hire the wrong fit for the job.

According to the U.S. Chamber Foundation, in “Managing the Talent Pipeline” it was projected that an organization can experience a loss in profit and revenue of as much as $23,000 per unfilled position. This danger of poor staffing was precipitated by at least two key factors and has intensified the need for the intuitive talent and human resource management systems pioneered by iCIMS.

These two factors are:

  • today’s unemployment rates
  • the rising relevance of social recruiting

Dropping Unemployment Rates

As of the summer of 2017, U.S. unemployment rates sloped down to 4.3 percent according to statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor. Naturally, dropping unemployment rates are a national cause for celebration, but for employers the competition for top talent gets heated when there are fewer available workers shopping the job market. Employers are incentivized to put their best foot forward and the products available with iCIMS allow them to do just that.

Social Recruiting

Although there’s an ideological and practical separation between talent acquisition and the remaining suite of HR responsibilities, the work of talent acquisition remains the tip of the HR spear. Everything else funnels through recruitment and in today’s low unemployment environment, the search for talent begins proactively in the areas where said talent spends a good deal of its time: social media.

The no-frills definition of social recruiting (AKA social hiring, social media recruitment, and omnichannel talent acquisition) is the use of social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram for advertising, outreach, and research. There’s a lot to be learned from a candidate’s many profiles, blogs, and other online repositories and iCIMS facilitates recruitment through these channels with applicant tracking software that embraces the technology of social recruiting.

Impressing “The Talent You Need”

Today’s job market is seeing the rise of the discerning job seeker. In light of low unemployment rates, it’s important to remember that while an organization is reviewing candidates, it is as much under review by the candidates themselves. So what sources does your average candidate value most when researching prospective employers?

In 2017, iCIMS published survey findings in the Modern Job Seeker Report that cited these two content sources as the most valuable to their research:

  1. Employer reviews
  2. Company website

Glassdoor, a leading employer review site, garners a combined 41 million visitors each month on its mobile app and websites. A candidate’s experience during recruitment has a reverberating effect when they add their voice to these review sites and other social channels. The more positive the candidate’s experience, the more likely they are to share positive feedback about the organization with their peers through their networks, whether or not they landed the job offer.

Job Seekers Are Also Consumers

Consuming is something we all know how to do. And the discerning shopper can’t help but use their value-hunting skills when they’re searching the job market for their next position. Consumers and job seekers are one and the same and the increased competition among employers have made it a buyer’s market.

With the instant availability of information at their fingertips, job seekers are armed with the tools they need to shop smart. Employers who use the bygone methods of talent acquisition are comparable to the door-to-door salesmen of another era. They arrive at each doorstep on their own schedule, hoping for a moment of the homeowner’s (or candidate’s) time to make their pitch. Perhaps the homeowner will inspect the purchase or read the prepared literature provided by the salesman, but for an impartial perspective they must then rely on the available word-of-mouth testimonials of their neighbors and family before agreeing to make a purchase.

And the risk is enormous.

Now, however, shopping for a job is like shopping for a mattress on Amazon. Currently, the top-reviewed mattress has collected exactly 19,627 reviews from across the nation and an average of 4 stars. With such a treasure trove of information and a return policy you can’t beat, Amazon is the specialized technology that facilitates the connection between vendor and consumer, helps the discerning consumer with their research, and then sees that the transaction runs smoothly.

The mattress, or job, must promise comfort, longevity, and the security of a consistently good night’s sleep. This is the position that job seekers want, and the technology required to bring the two smoothly and efficiently together is made possible through iCIMS.

The Benefits of iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software

Impressing your potential candidates begins with providing a streamlined recruitment experience from the get-go. Your agile HR team won’t complain either as iCIMS empowers their process with industry-leading talent acquisition software, which includes iCIMS RECRUIT, iCIMS CONNECT, and iCIMS ONBOARD.

Some of the key benefits of iCIMS are:

  1. Advanced applicant tracking
  2. One-click job posting
  3. Mobile-friendly functionality
  4. Specialized efficiency tools for hiring managers
  5. Improved candidate communication and compliance
  6. Powerful social recruiting tools
  7. Intuitive scheduling platforms for candidate interviews, etc.
  8. Automated application and screening processes
  9. User-friendly reporting of key recruitment metrics

Advanced Applicant Tracking

As the cornerstone of a solid recruitment process, iCIMS’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is the hub where all recruiting information is located and the launching point for each item on the talent acquisition menu. The end result is cohesion within your team and unbeatable efficiency. No more dropped balls and passed bucks!

One-click Job Posting

With iCIMS, drudge work is a thing of the past. One click allows you to launch a single job posting to thousands of job boards, saving your team hours upon hours of time.

Mobile-friendly Functionality

Consumers and job seekers alike want the option to go mobile. Ensuring mobile-functionality embraces the philosophy of social recruiting by placing your brand where your candidates live. In the case of mobile accessibility, that means putting your job postings in their very hand. Not only are candidates able to access your branded career portals on any mobile device, but they can search and apply for jobs on the go as well.

Hiring managers likewise have the ability to use their own suite of mobile tools to do their jobs on the fly, including:

  • managing open positions
  • processing offer approvals
  • funneling candidates through the process

Improved Candidate Communication and Compliance

The secret to a great relationship is great communication. iCIMS equips its ATS with branded and automated communication tools to ensure that the critical line of communication between you and your choice candidates is never broken, allowing you to foster positive relationships with top talent from the very beginning.

Additionally, by ensuring that all avenues of communication are centralized and trackable, including texts, iCIMS helps its users meet important compliance requirements.

Powerful Social Recruiting Tools

According to a 2016 LinkedIn report, 43% of companies said that social professional networks were their main resource for recruiting quality talent. Tapping the potential of social is a mouse click away with social recruiting software features that allow you to:

  • publish your postings on 300+ networks
  • automate your postings across key social sites
  • accept applications via candidates’ social profiles
  • hack Twitter’s 140 character limit with Twitter cards
  • create a FB jobs microsite for applicants to job search and refer friends

Scheduling Platforms

The scheduling aspect of recruiting often takes up more time than you anticipate. With iCIMS software, the work of coordinating schedules and confirming dates is all managed from one view.

Automated Application and Screening Processes

Make it easy for your prospective candidates to send you their information. iCIMS optimizes the application process by allowing your applicants to upload their resumes in any form and from any device, or to submit their social profiles. In the initial stages of the screening process, you can also bypass the need for onsite interviews by utilizing video for a convenient, modern way to connect outside of a phone call.

User-friendly Reporting of Key Recruitment Metrics

It’s impossible to improve a process without data.

  • Job board performance
  • Social recruiting activity
  • Costs per hire
  • Application volume
  • And so much more!

Companies of all sizes need access to actionable metrics of success and iCIMS provides dozens of standard reports as well as the option for users to build reports of their own.

The Onboarding Process Checklist

After the work of finding, recruiting, and screening your candidates is done, there’s the task of hiring and onboarding those chosen few in a way that sets them up for success within the company. A solid onboarding process increases retention and helps you build a stable, purpose-driven team with the longevity your company needs to achieve is goals.

iCIMS ONBOARD software:

  • Completes the end-to-end talent acquisition lifecycle
  • Reduces paperwork and improves productivity
  • Provides powerfully effective task management tools
  • Personalizes the onboarding experience
  • Streamlines I-9 and E-Verify process
  • Allows news hires to contribute sooner and more effectively

Onboarding is NOT Orientation

Orientation is a one-off event often delivered in a classroom-type setting while onboarding a new hire is a process that can take between three to six months or all the way up to a year, depending on the new hire’s position. One size does not fit all in the case of onboarding. The process should reflect a uniform view of the company’s culture, brand, and objectives, but it should also be tailored specifically for the position.

In order to successfully increase retention and accelerate new hire productivity, the most effective onboarding processes:

  • Make it easy to access tasks and forms
  • Outline clear and consistent communication channels
  • Bring new hires up to speed on company culture and policies
  • Clearly set success metrics and milestones to gauge new hire’s performance

The End-to-End Talent Acquisition Lifecycle

As VICTIG’s strategic partner, iCIMS adheres to our mission to empower employers with the tools they need to build their teams with confidence. By the end of the talent acquisition process, iCIMS software is designed to deliver full-fledged, valuable employees to any professional team. Contact VICTIG today to learn more about how VICTIG’s partnership with iCIMS can benefit your business.

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