Employee Screening Essentials Before Making Your Next Hire

What you don’t know about your potential hires can hurt you, your current employees, and your company in the end. For that reason, it’s important to follow a few employee screening best practices as you select the members of your team.

Your Role

You will be outsourcing certain aspects of the employee screening process, but it will fall on your internal team to decide if the candidate is the right fit in terms of personality and industry-specific qualifications. You may also be calling and interviewing references and past employers for critical job history and education verification purposes.

Screening Provider Role

Select a third party screening provider that not only possesses the right accreditations, but understands the importance of:

  • running a social security number trace to discover all the addresses the candidate has had. This will allow for specificity in criminal searches that is not possible with searches in the FBI database, which can often turn up incomplete data.
  • employing social security fraud detection. It is not unheard for social security number mismatches and fraud to occur, causing costly liability and strife for all involved.
  • responsible criminal background checks that comply with the EEOC.
  • running a national sex offender registry check, which is especially relevant for high-risk positions involving situations of vulnerability: education, ride-sharing, elderly care, childcare.
  • offering cost-efficient, full-service options that deliver high-quality, accurate results while avoiding pricing models that burden your hiring budget.

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