Doing background checks correctly

The vast importance of doing background checks correctly can be seen through some simple examples of careless checks. CSO Online shared the story of how a background check mistaking the identity of an employee went significantly from bad to worse in this post on Good and Bad Background Checks. With so many common and similar names it is extremely important to verify every single piece of identification information you have on an individual. Minor changes in simple data such as a birth date can significantly change the results of your background check.

Taking the easy road and skipping important steps while completing a background check can have dire consequences for the individual, the company, and the background check agency. Diligentia Group explores some of the most common “bad background check” mistakes an individual or company can make in a recent blog post. These mistakes include:

  • Using the Internet as your primary resource. While the Internet is full of valid information, it is also easily manipulated by anyone that has knowledge and tools to modify it.
  • Searching social networking sites for accurate information.
  • Relying on hand-picked personal references.
  • Assuming previous employers listed on a resume have “done their homework” and surely have completed a background check on your applicant.

These easy resources can certainly provide you with an elementary understanding of your applicant, they cannot provide you with factual, relevant information you require to make the best hiring decision you can make.

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