Do You Have Holes in Your Background Screening Program?

With the financial effects of the recession still in force many employers are cutting corners to make ends meet. But they may not realize that they are also leaving themselves vulnerable.

During the recession many employers had to cut back and that meant letting people go. But their jobs still had to be done somehow and by someone. Many employers gave current employees additional duties and privileges—that they may not have been hired or qualified to do—while others filled vacancies with contractors and freelancers.

Often, because of these cutting corner techniques these employees weren’t screened for their new positions.

Some employers may feel secure, knowing that their employers were screened when first hired for their positions, but background checks are usually tailored to the job. For example, handing over financial or fiduciary responsibilities to someone who was never screened for a credit check could be a risky decision. And while contractors or freelancers may just be temporary workers, they still have some level of access to sensitive information.

However, those are not the only situations where you are at risk.

Periodically, all employees—whether they’ve had a change in responsibilities or not—need to be rescreened. Right under your nose, an employee could be convicted of any number of convictions that would put your company at risk, without you even knowing it.

There might not be any common indicators such as numerous missed days to alert you of a problem. It is up to you to know where your employees stand, and the only way you might know there’s a problem is by periodically screening all employees.

If employees know that they will be frequently screened, they might be deterred from any action that could put them and their job in jeopardy. But ultimately, it’s up to you to keep your company and your employees safe.

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