How to Cut Costs with Customized Background Checks

For every comprehensive background check, there is a list of necessary verifications to complete. While other companies will charge you for attempted verifications that are never completed, VICTIG’s process is fitted precisely to your needs—and that includes paying only for the verifications we complete.

This customization extends to the questions our verifiers ask on your behalf. While our job is to ensure that each question is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, protecting you from liability, we are also here to help you customize a suite of questions tailored to determine the unique qualifications of your ideal candidate. Ultimately, this customization with save you money by:

  • charging only for completed verifications
  • reducing turnover rate
  • improving employee retention
  • taking the hassle of the entire screening process out of your hands

Whether you’re an employer, property manager, or real estate agent, either you’ve personally experienced the hassle of conducting thorough employee screenings, you’ve delegated the responsibility to someone on staff, or you’ve outsourced the whole endeavor. You know that it takes time and persistence to make those calls and reach the appropriate parties to verify a candidate’s past. Doing all this in a timely matter takes technique, efficient processes, and experience—and VICTIG has all of the above.

Our Proven Methods

In addition to the unique advantage of customization, VICTIG utilizes Hotline MP3 Verification and a Pool System to eliminate the setbacks of traditional, inefficient verification processes.

Hotline MP3 Verification

This feature solves the dreaded “phone tag” dilemma. We don’t leave basic “callback messages.” Instead, our messages instruct the verification contact to call a specific, customized verification hotline open 24/7 and leave the verification information in a recording. The recording is converted to MP3 format, attached to your report and transcribed. This allows you to hear the answers to your custom questions for yourself if you choose, and to keep an audio record of the verification.

Pool System

The Pool System distributes verification responsibility across a team as opposed to assigning a single verifier as a contact. This erases the issue of delayed verifications in the event that a verifier is temporarily unavailable. Instead, VICTIG’s Pool System allows your verifications to be processed collaboratively in a team, ensuring the quickest turnaround times possible.

By streamlining a verification process that cuts out the inefficiencies of traditional screening practices, VICTIG creates a value-added service your organization needs in order to cut costs while building and retaining a quality team.

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