Criminal History Databases: How Accurate They Really AREN’T

Criminal databases are far from perfect. They are made to house records of burglaries, sex offenders, and illicit activity. Yet the same problem occurs here as with every other database – they are not 100% accurate.

A professional background checker at Victig compares criminal databases to the “4G coverage maps you see from wireless companies… there are holes all over the country where databases do not have records.”

While the ultimate goal of these databases and other, similar tools, is to have complete coverage, they are not! It is important for employers to take this into account when performing criminal background checks. Because individual criminal background checks do not provide complete coverage, it is important to seek professional assistance especially on criminal checks. (See this post for an explanation of priorities in background checks).

Here are three things you can do to ensure you are securing as much information on criminal records as possible:

  1. Cross-reference everything
  2. Continue your search frequently – databases are updated when possible. The records you need may have not been available during your initial search.
  3. Seek professional assistance from experts like Victig for peace of mind and a well-done job.

Criminal history checks can possibly the most important research you can do regarding a potential employee. It goes without saying that keeping your employees and company safe should be your highest priority. Be careful when relying on databases that claim to be complete – they aren’t.

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