Court Status Updates

as of November 29, 2023

Latest UpdateCountyStateDate of ClosureCourt StatusLength of ClosureDetails
11/27/2023HenryGA11/27/2023ClosedUnknownOn 11/27/2023, we discovered that the court's primary index is offline. There is currently no ETA for it to be back online.
11/27/2023DoughertyGA11/22/2023DelayedUnknownOn 11/22/2023, we discovered that the court's online index is offline for maintenance. Since there is only one in-court public access terminal, please expect delays while we complete searches via conventional methods.%%On 11/27/2023, we learned from the court clerk that the online index will be offline for maintenance which is expected to take about a week.
11/21/2023Los AngelesCA11/06/2023DelayedUnknownOn 10/30/2023, we were notified that the Los Angeles County clerk's platform is switching to Odyssey from November 6th-10th. While this will not affect our automated systems, clerk-assisted searches will likely be delayed during this process. As of 11/21/2023, the court PAT has been operating normally so we expect to have the accumulated orders completed more quickly.
11/20/2023CowetaGA11/07/2023DelayedUnknownOn 11/7/2023, we discovered that the court's public access is unavailable. As of 11/20/2023 the court's website is back online and we have committed additional resources to help complete the accumulated searches.
11/17/2023DawsonGA11/17/2023DelayedUnknownOn 11/17/2023, we discovered that case files are currently unavailable using the court's ICON system. We can still complete searches with Clear results, but please expected delays on searches with possible Hits.
11/09/2023All CountiesMA11/01/2023DelayedUnknownOn 11/1/2023, we discovered that the court's public access is unavailable. On 11/9/2023 we were informed that about half of the Massachusetts public access terminals are back up and running. We are completing searches as quickly as possible and will continue to monitor the status of the remaining terminals.
10/27/2023HaleTX10/20/2023DelayedUnknownOn 10/20/2023, we began experiencing difficulty when accessing case dockets via the court's primary index. We are working with the court to resolve the issue. In the meantime, we have researchers completing searches in court as quickly as possible.
10/13/2023Various CountiesKS10/12/2023ClosedUnknownOn 10/12/2023, we were notified of a network security incident that caused the Kansas District Odyssey Portal to be taken offline. We are currently unable to complete searches in ALL Kansas counties except for Johnson County. For additional context, please feel free to review the court's website here:
09/26/2023CookIL06/26/2023DelayedUnknownAs of 6/26/2023, the public access terminals are experiencing intermittent gateway errors that are causing regular outages. We are actively working with the clerk's office to resolve these challenges and will provide updates as they become available. In the meantime, we will continue completing searches as quickly as possible. As of 9/26/2023, the Cook County Clerk's website has been updated to display the following note: "Due to County Network issues, users may experience some slow response times when trying to access content on Odyssey Portal and Online Case Search. The issue is currently being worked on and should be resolved soon."
09/20/2023All CountiesHI02/07/2022DelayedUnknownOrders with possible records require files to be pulled to get complete information. The court is short-staffed and struggling with the volume of file pulls. As of 8/9/2023, we determined that wildfires and Hurricane Dora have exacerbated these delays. As of 9/20/2023, the courts have confirmed environmental challenges are no longer extending delays.
08/23/2023ClaytonGA06/30/2023DelayedUnknownAs of 7/19/2023, we learned the court clerk assisting in file pulls will be going on leave starting 8/1/23 and is expected to return in October. As of now, the county has yet to determine who will be able to assist with searches in their absence.  As of 8/23/23, the court is still experiencing staffing shortages, causing continued delays with file pulls. Additionally, the Superior Court public access terminal is down; however, the court clerks are allowing us to use their computers with the understanding that access is limited. Please expect continued court delays.
08/03/2023All CountiesNH06/12/2023DelayedUnknownAs of 6/12/2023, we were informed that the New Hampshire court clerks are behind on background check requests due to being short-staffed. On 8/3/2023, we spoke with the court clerk supervisor, Heather, who advised that background requests are a secondary priority as they have time. She also explained that they still need additional staff to meet the demands. We expect continued delays as the courts work through this staffing shortage.
06/30/2023All CountiesMI04/14/2023DelayedUnknownDue to Michigan's new Clean Slate Law that went into effect on 4/11/2023, several courts across the state have removed public access to their criminal indexes or significantly reduced the available years to search. Please expect extensive delays while we work with the courts to gain access back to complete case histories and understand their timeline for updates to their criminal indexes. This is a very fluid situation, and we will continue to provide additional updates as they are made available. 6/6/2023: Our teams continue working diligently to confirm information from all MI counties and courts. Please visit our new MI delays page for details on each MI county, including the status of each court and accessibility to criminal indexes, by clicking the following link: Additional updates will be provided on our delay page as they are available. Updates made within the last 72hrs will be highlighted. Please let us know if you want to proceed with an extended scope search in counties that are currently limited to 7 years or less.

Esteemed Client,

At this stage, we have not been made aware of any domestic delays or court closures associated with the virus. However, public schools in a number of states have closed due to the virus and it is possible that other government institutions, including courts, will eventually follow suit. Our research teams are monitoring the situation across the country and further updates will be provided if we begin to see delays in any of the impacted areas. In the event of court closures, we have developed a separate continuity plan to address how we will manage volume and communication throughout the life of the closure. Should the need arise, our workforce is able to be remote within less than 24 hours and can function remotely with little to no interruption to our service and communication. As we evaluate the increasing global concerns surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want you to know that we are actively monitoring this evolving threat and to take a moment to share some of our business plans. We also want to share information we have on how COVID-19 is currently impacting background research, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and it’s Global Impacts on Background Research.

Regarding International impact, at this time over 100 countries have laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19. However, the only current delays VICTIG has experienced are with criminal orders out of China and Italy. International employment/education verifications may also be intermittently delayed depending on school/business closures at the time verification attempts are being made.

Updated information regarding delays will be posted on as they are received. We will also send out follow up email notifications in the event of any material changes. As an organization focused on the well-being of our employees as well as our responsibility to our clients, please rest assured that we are actively taking measures to ensure the safety of our team and viability of our services. If you have any questions regarding our continuity planning or anything else, please do not hesitate to email or call us at 866-886-5644.

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