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The cost of a background check can vary based on the depth of the background check. VICTIG recommends a comprehensive background check that includes searches at the county, state, and federal level. Contact VICTIG to speak with an account executive today.

VICTIG is an industry leader in turnaround times, with an average 1.8 day turnaround time.

Yes, in order be compliant under the FCRA, all applicants will need to sign an authorization and consent form. We make it quite simple for the applicant with our easy-to-use, 100% FCRA compliant, QuickApp tool.

In the hiring process, adverse action means a company is considering not hiring the applicant or that they may withdraw an offer. Usually, this is based on an adverse report on a consumer report or background check. Our QuickApp software assures 100% FCRA compliant background checks.

Usually not, but in some instances there might be. Please contact sales at 866-933-1658 to find out more.

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Absolutely! VICTIG offers red carpet treatment when it comes to drug screening. Our network is massive with 10.000+ collection sites across the country.

VICTIG offers a very collective and comprehensive suite of background screening services, including criminal background checks, MVR checks, education and employment verifications, drug testing, and much, much more. Contact us today!

Yes! VICTIG integrates with a growing number of ATS and HRIS platforms. See a list of our partners here.

VICTIG makes ordering a background check super simple with our easy-to-use, 100% FCRA compliant, QuickApp tool.

Contact us at 866-886-5644 and we’ll get you in contact with one of our sales executives. You can also fill out one of the many forms on our website letting us know exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to helping you put together a comprehensive background screening package that will fit the needs of your organization.

You can contact our amazing support team by phone at 866-886-5644, by emailing us at, or chatting with us on our website.

Our human resource friendly, easy e-signature process known as QuickApp provides you a quick option for ordering background checks. All that is required is the applicant’s name and email address. That’s it!

A customized email invitation is sent to the applicant explaining the whole screening process. The applicant then clicks a link that enables him/her to electronically sign a 50-state compliant disclosure and authorization form consenting to the screening. A summary of the applicant’s rights under the FCRA is provided to the applicant and best of all, the applicant enters all of their own information relevant to the screening report you are requesting on that candidate.

This dramatically reduces the time that you have to spend facilitating background screening. It also reduces errors by as much as 15% because the applicant is entering in their own data. In addition, the process provides an extra layer of liability protection for you against age discrimination and other equal employment lawsuits because we are collecting the sensitive information from the candidate directly.

You could be unable to login for a variety of reasons. As a security measure all password in our system need to be changed every 90 days to ensure our site’s security, and to protect the personal information of your applicants.

If you are having trouble logging in, reach out to our support team at or via phone, 866-886-5644.

If you want to make changes to your account/user information and/or settings, contact our support team.

Contact our support team at 866-886-5644. We can go over it with you verbally.

You can contact support at 866-886-5644. We can figure out if the information that we have in your account matches, and make sure that the information is going to who needs it and get it to them as quickly as possible.

If caught quickly enough, the support team has the ability to change the information prior to any searches being completed. If searches has already been completed, the support team will still be able to change the information, but additional fees may be incurred depending on the searches needing to be re-run.

As long as mistakes are caught within thirty days of running the initial report, a new report will not need to be ordered. Our support team can make adjustments on a report up to thirty days after it was completed. After thirty days, a new order will need to be submitted.

A “refusal to test” drug screening result occurs when an applicant enters the drug screening premesis, is scanned into their system (through their donor pass), and leaves the building without providing a sufficient sample.

In many cases, applicants will perform the drug test as normal, but the sample is not sufficient in volume. The drug screening clinic is required to provide the applicant water and allow them to stick around until they have the ability to provide another sample; if the applicant declines this offer and chooses to leave, this is a “refusal to test”. A drug screening result is also considered a “refusal to test” if the applicant leaves the building to do something as simple as taking a personal phone call, so be sure to alert your applicants to remain in the drug screening facility until the procedure is complete to avoid this from taking place.

If the applicant did not receive their donor pass, they can either call or e-mail the support team to obtain that information from us; the support team will happily re-send their donor pass as long as it has not expired.

If an applicant receives their donor pass and the location is too far away, or will otherwise not work for them, the applicant is welcome to either call or e-mail the support team to have that location changed. The support team typically schedules drug screenings near the workplace address or around the applicant’s home address (depending on our client’s preferences), but there are many instances in which the applicant would prefer a location closer to their current work address or in a completely different state because they’re away on personal business. As long as the donor pass has not expired, the support team is happy to make these adjustments and re-send a donor pass with a new location.

If the applicant allows their donor pass to expire (i.e. not taking the drug screening in the specified time frame), the support team has the ability to create a new one. However, the support team will not do this without our client’s permission. We follow the guidelines and specifications as put into place by our clientele.

In order to ensure security, we are required to reset your password after 90 days. We have recently implemented a multi-factor authentication (MFA) system that will send a code to either your e-mail address or text-enabled phone in order to verify you are the one accessing the account.

No, you do not. When using a new computer, the system will send a verification code. If you mark the box that says “remember this computer”, you will not be required to enter the code every time.