Consider Your Criteria Before Conducting a Background Check


Criminal-Searches-Uncovered-Part-2Knowing the difference between the various types of background checks and databases is important because the type of search you conduct will determine the information to which you are exposed.

The best way to distinguish each type of background check is to think about each one servicing a different niche. Each niche will delve into specifics based on what you are looking for. You would not run a general background check on someone if you only wanted to know about his or her criminal history, just as you would not refine your search to criminal databases if you wanted a comprehensive picture of someone’s personal background.

The Big Picture

The best way to get a broad analysis of someone’s personal, professional, educational, and financial history is to hire a background check company to perform a screening. These entities can provide results within days, and they can tailor the specificity of the information you would like to acquire. For a job applicant, an employer may want more information about job responsibilities in previous positions than details about education. Background screening firms can whittle that information with efficiency.

Criminal Records

Several criminal databases exist, and they do not all provide the same information. Some online criminal record search engines only detail records for convictions, not arrests, while others do not provide records on a national scope. Additionally, not every criminal record is available online, and the information you seek may require more grunt work. Knowing what you want to look for will save time and narrow the list of databases you need to check for records.

Social History

A person’s social history may exist in the annals of the Internet that criminal and court records can’t illuminate. Google searches and social media profiles are the most common ways to find information about an individual, but websites continue to pop up that can expose grittier information like online reviews from previous romantic partners or references from former employers, co-workers, and/or classmates.

The way someone can conduct a background check evolves rapidly, so the best way to save time and money in your search is to prioritize the information you need to know before you go looking for it.

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