victig background screening complianceWhy it is important to choose a company that helps them stay compliant.

If you keep up with the latest news in the background screening industry, it’s easy to see the single biggest obstacle facing employers today: COMPLIANCE. In this economy, potential employees are especially anxious to be hired, and in the case that they are not, many may take drastic action if they find any way that they were slighted in their rights. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires providers of consumer background checks to ensure the complete accuracy of reports and to provide adequate notice of adverse action, and laws vary from state to state on how long an offense may be reported, as well the types of offenses that may be reported, information that must be disclosed to applicants, reporting of certain personal identifiers … It seems daunting to comply with every rule and regulation associated with your pre-employment screenings in order to avoid the worst: a lawsuit. On the other hand, it’s absolutely necessary to screen your applicants to ensure the safety of your business. Victig is absolutely dedicated to ensuring that you have the level of compliance you need to feel secure, both in the people you hire and the method in which it’s done.
When running pre-employment background checks with Victig, you might not be aware of the variety of options available to you in the handling of your reports. You may prefer to manage your own printing of FCRA-compliant Adverse Action and Consumer Copy disclosures from each report; you also have the option of asking for letters to be queued, printed, and mailed for you as a service. Criminal background searches can be set to search a maximum of seven years, the clear option for residents or employees of California, for example. Name matching in criminal database searches can use a “wildcard” option to expand the net for possible aliases, or restricted to exact-name-only matching to avoid potential false positives. DOB and SSN may be masked on reports to avoid issues of compliance with anti-discrimination laws. Using InstaScreen’s QuickApp feature, personal identifiers can in fact be collected directly from the applicant without ever touching your hands, completely sidestepping these sensitive issues. You may want to look into taking any and all of these steps to ensure that you are compliant and secure in your pre-employment screening.

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