Choosing the Best Background Check Provider for Your Company


Every organization is different so the background check option you choose will depend on your needs as well as your resources. Luckily, there is variety in the background check industry and you’ll be able to choose between full-service options and ones that will allow you to conduct piecemeal searches largely on your own.

That kicker with both options is that anything you do MUST comply with FCRA and EEOC guidelines or you will be at risk of being accused of noncompliance or discrimination. Both can lead to costly litigation.

Full-service Background Checks

With this option, providers do all the heavy lifting, taking the information provided and conducting a host of verifications automatically or manually. Each individual check can take between two and five days to complete, but the resulting information is invaluable to hiring managers hoping to fill high level, crux positions within their companies.

These checks can/will include all or most of the following:

  • local and federal criminal histories
  • sex-offender status
  • SSN verifications and traces
  • Past employment verifications
  • Education verifications
  • Professional licensure verifications
  • Professional references
  • Credit report
  • Civil records
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Military records
  • Workers’ compensation histories
  • Health care sanctions
  • Address history

Though the costs and turnaround time associated with full-service background checks can seem high upfront, experts agree that the payoff is worth it. Mike Aitken of the Society for Human Resource Management agrees that when thoroughness is a requirement, it’s always best to go with professionals, stating, “Outside entities not only, in most cases, do electronic searchers; they also go right to the source. They actually do research and [personally] search the jurisdictions.”

Talk to the experts at VICTIG to learn more about what professional full-service background checks can do for you.

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