Background Checks Reduce Turnover

One of the greatest benefits of good background screening is a reduced rate of turnover. If you can hire the right people the first time, the chances of needing to re-hire are lowered. Good background checks can:

  • – alert you to candidates lacking proper education and training for the position
  • – inform you of previous termination circumstances
  • – providing positive information on the candidate that will increase retention
  • – minimize the possibility of employee fraud and theft
  • – reduce workplace violence
  • – and many more!

Hiring the right person from the beginning will keep all of your overall costs down. The cost of replacing a hire is estimated to be more than double the original salary for that position.

With the difficult economy and the struggle to secure good jobs, the temptation to falsify important information is stronger than ever. A background screening can verify references and ensure a thorough investigation on all points claimed in the application, resume, cover letter and any other information provided. References can be faked, but we know that the most accurate information can be found if only the right questions are asked.

Many potential problems in the workplace can be avoided if background screening is used before hire. Listed below are some big problems that may increase turnover, but can be avoided by completing background checks:

  • – violence in the workplace
  • – identity theft
  • – fraud
  • – misrepresentation
  • – company secrets and workplace policies compromised

Getting a background check from the start will help prevent the above problems with employees and thus reduce turnover in the workplace. Reducing turnover will keep costs down, solidify workplace security and increase productivity in current employees.

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