Background checks help alleviate employee turnover and increase retention

One of your best employees has decided to take a job with another company and that’s when the realization hits you: it’s time to start searching for a replacement. Beyond the mental toll, according to studies, it can cost upwards of $4000 to hire a new employee. So before breaking out the paperwork and contracts you need to be 100 percent certain the individual you are hiring is the right person for the job.

You need an assist from a service that will make this arduous task more efficient and successful. Something that will help you choose an individual that will stay with your company more than a New York minute. Enter the background check.

Background checks can eliminate unreliable people

When you think of a good employee you probably conjure images of a person who shows up on time every day, performs her duties with a pleasant attitude and meets all deadlines with ease. A background check can weed out those folks who ignore time sensitive situations and decide to work under their own rules rather than the standards everyone else adheres to.

Verification of a person’s identity and qualifications

His qualifications are stellar but does he really possess these amazing traits. Before hiring Mr. Perfect, make sure he is actually who he says he is. Verify his identity and check up on those sparkling credentials or you will be hiring his replacement in the very near future.

Reduce the chance of hiring a confrontational or violent individual

A background check can save you the time consuming and possibly financial devastating effects of a workplace incident. You are spending thousands hiring the right person, you want to ensure this individual is not only qualified but level headed.

Eliminate illicit drug users

She seems like the right fit for the job. Her resume is impeccable and her demeanor is downright pleasant but sometimes there is more to a person than meets the eye. Drug screening can eliminate those who decide to dabble in illicit drugs before you make the costly mistake of making her your newest employee.

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