Background Check Services: You Get What You Pay For

If you have ever had to hire a new employee you are well aware the process is lengthy, expensive and stressful. That is why so many employers hire an agency to conduct background checks on all potential hires. But not all background check services are created equal and quite frankly attempting to save a buck or two, even though understandable, when it comes this important part of the hiring process can ultimately be a costly error. Here are a few factors you should consider when shelling out your hard earned money on a background service provider.

Above all else you need a service that is accurate. Remember, you are using this information to help you hire an individual you will trust with sensitive information, money and possibly company secrets. Prior to submitting payment to a background service provider find a subjective third party reviewer that has checked this service for accuracy. It’s better to pay more and receive accurate results than save a cent and end up with less than reliable information.

Good candidates can be snatched up quickly so moving your potential hires through your hiring process quickly is paramount. When you are considering a background check service provider look or ask for their turnaround time. Paying a little bit more now for speedy results may save you thousands finding another perfect candidate.

User friendly
Is the information you are requesting from a background service provider easy to access? Do they provide a guide that can help you understand the results? When comparing services, regardless of price, ensure that you employ a company that features a user-friendly dashboard.

Number of services provided
You may think you only need a standard background check but what if you discover you require more? For example, credit reports and a criminal background check initially may seem extensive but what about your interviewees’ social media profiles? If you want a complete picture you may need a background service provider that has a plethora of offerings even if you think you don’t need them.

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