Avoid Costly Errors With Quality Background Check Services

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When choosing a background screening service, it is important to find one that will provide a full and timely screening of your potential employee. To avoid costly errors (or worse) in your hiring process, follow these guidelines to bringing your new talent on board.

First and foremost, make sure the background service company you choose provides accurate information. Ideally, the screening service company you choose will provide testimonials from previous clients on their website or brochure. But this alone isn’t enough. Before you pay for a service, be sure to verify its accuracy by checking with a third party reviewer. If none are readily available ask for references from prior clients and make a few phone calls. With the time pressures involved in the hiring process, you may be tempted to speed through this most important step. Don’t. Remember the person you are hiring will be entrusted with an important role, and perhaps money or even confidential company information.

Prime candidates are often selected very quickly, because there is intense competition to bring on board the best employees. This means the speed of the screening company is important. Don’t worry about saving a few dollars when paying a little extra will get you the results sooner from a high quality, accurate provider. Hiring new and trustworthy talent is an investment in your company’s future. Be prepared to pay the little extra expense.

User Friendly
While browsing through the various background services available, pay attention to the user interface provided. Test it out, ask to try it with a sample, make sure that it is easy to use and understand, and has detailed but clear and simple instructions. It is important that the service provider you select has a user friendly dashboard so you can feel comfortable using it without spending a large amount of time getting your results, or worse, spending a large amount of time getting information that is hard to understand or interpret.

Full Features
Make sure your provider also has extra features and services provided, to give the fullest and most accurate picture of your potential employee. Your provider should also offer services like providing an overview of your potential hire’s social media presence, including public information on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google plus pages.

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