VICTIG integrates with UKG

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VICTIG integrates with UKG

If you use UKG, then switching to VICTIG for your background checks is a no-brainer. Our seamless integration with UKG allows you to place orders with the click of a button, monitor the status of background checks, and view results — all within UKG.

Even more, VICTIG is proud to be the top-rated background screening company in the UKG marketplace. Not only are we a better option for background checks, but if you already use UKG, switching to VICTIG takes less than 15 minutes!

Make the best choice for your company and choose VICTIG today.

Integrate with VICTIG in less than 10 minutes

This video shows how easy it is to order a background check within your UKG portal. UKG’s integration with VICTIG Background Checks makes this a very simple task.

ATS Integration Partners

The VICTIG Instascreen Software facilitates a variety of partnership options and a background check API.