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Here is an article I found that is written to applicants with warnings about lying on their resumes. It is nice that they are warned but we all know that the statistics are true, around 30% of applicant do lie or mis represent themselves on their resumes and that is why you do background checks and pre employment screening.

“There can be serious consequences for mis representing yourself on your resume. Employers can fire hired workers who appear to have been dishonest on their resume. It can be easy for employers to catch individuals who have been deceitful about their past work and education experience. Companies have access to advanced technology making it easy to check all background information that has been supplied. It used to be hard for employers to verify dates, but now it has become something that can be verified with little work.
Estimates on the number of people who are untruthful on their resume is as much as 30%. It is important to look over your resume carefully and make sure that the dates you have put for your education and work experience are accurate. In addition, do not create phony positions for yourself. By mis representing yourself on your resume, you can get in trouble at your job. This information is usually check by a background screening company.. Also avoid exaggerating your knowledge of computers or languages. A company may ask you for special tasks that require in-depth knowledge in these areas.
Companies have become very efficient at analyzing the background information that employers supply. If you are hired for a job, but have information on your resume that is questionable, you are putting your current job and future career outlook in jeopardy. It is wise to avoid mis representing yourself on your resume by carefully going over your background and experience. Verify that all stated data correctly represents what you have done and achieved in the past. If you mention sales goals that you have reached make sure that the numbers are accurate.
Potential employers are looking for a worker that they can rely on. If they find out an employer that they hired has not been truthful, it will be very hard for them to trust that individual. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you are not mis representing yourself on your resume. If you do have some information on your resume that is not entirely correct, admit the mistake and make the necessary changes to it.”

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