Always do background checks

In order to prevent a potentially hazardous hiring situation, the majority of background checks should be performed prior to hiring. However, the occasional desperate situation will leave insufficient time for performing checks. In these circumstances, background checks should always be performed before or as quickly as possible after hiring. Doing so will instill a vote of confidence in you from all of your employees and or clients/vendors.

Why you should perform background checks on new hires:

A routine policy of completing background checks on all new hires will help current employees feel safe and secure in their work environment. Mandatory background checks will also instill a realization in your new hire that you do not take important matters such as safety and security lightly.

What a background check tells you about new hires:

Among other things a background check can verify educational and employment experience on a new hire, determine criminal history, and justify previous claims to worker’s compensation. Each of these pieces of information can greatly benefit an employer when seeking a new hire. Criminal history records determine if a person can be disqualified for a particular job. For instance, a conviction for theft forbids the candidate to work in positions directly handling money. This information is vital to an employer seeking the best fit for an available position.

Types of background checks products for new hires:

It is a good idea to have a standard policy for each position or class of job in place for the types of background checks performed on your employees. This will help avoid discrimation cases within your organization. Some common background checks include:

  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Driving Records
  • Employment References
  • Credit Check
  • Sex Offender Search
Many employers are even doing background checks themselves via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. However, a more thorough search is more often run by a professional background check company.


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