Airport Launches Employee Screening Pilot Program

In response to the congressional investigation of the presence of insider threats in U.S. airports, launched by Rep John Katko and conducted over that last two years, one airport in Miami has responded by launching a pilot program that may change the way other airports screen their employees.

Robert Harding of reports that Miami International Airport has utilized the following techniques since January to eliminate the security risks introduced by the employees themselves:

• explosive trace detection equipment
• x-ray technology
• daily screening
• identity screening

The Nature of the Risk

From gun smuggling to drug rings, airport employees have been complicit in serious crimes while exploiting their privileged access to the airways. Because of the security clearances required to do their jobs, the risk of insider threat among airport employees is great. Ongoing screening practices are essential in order to continue protecting the inherent vulnerabilities that an airport represents.

Ongoing Screening and the Average Business

Ongoing screening of employees is pretty standard in the typical business setting, too, even if the risks may not be as apparent as they are in airports. Especially in the financial sector, it’s crucial to ensure that your long-term employees maintain eligibility throughout their employment.

Conducting routine background checks will protect your interests, your workplace, and the rest of your staff. Simply make sure that your background check policy is clearly outlined in your company’s paperwork and you’ll be set.


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