5 Questions to Consider Asking During Your Next Job Interview

When job candidates get the exciting news that they have landed an interview, they often focus on impressing their potential employer with the right answers to interview questions and passing standard pre-employment background screenings. However, prior to going to an interview, job seekers should consider vetting prospective employers with questions of their own.

Doing research about an employer prior to and asking the right questions during an interview can help candidates make informed decisions about how a company or position could affect their lifestyles and well-being. In preparation for your next interview, considering bringing up some of the following topics.

  1. What are the salary and benefits? These items can be deal-breakers if you require a certain pay scale or items like health insurance and the company cannot meet your needs.
  2. What is the previous person in the desired position currently doing? An employer’s answer to this question could indicate positive or negative aspects about the company, such as room for growth or high turnover rate.
  3. How will your job performance be assessed? If you know what your job expectations are and how they will be evaluated before you even start, you are less likely to be caught off guard during your first review.
  4. What is the company’s educational mentality? Can you advance and evolve? Asking these question will help you have a better understanding of company culture and know if it is in line with your personal growth strategy.
  5. Does the employer have any concerns about you or your ability to fulfil the desire position? Employers have a sense of whether or not a candidate will fit a job role early on, and they are more than willing to tell you if they have any hesitation with your ability to meet specific requirements, especially if you ask.

The current economy puts enormous pressure on job seekers to take what they can get without considering that their personal needs are met and long-term career goals can be achieved. Asking critical questions during an interview makes you look interested and informed, and the answers an employer gives provide a better idea of what work environment you will be entering if you procure the job.

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