5 Elements You Must Consider in a Background Check Company

who-owns-your-background-check-companyUsing a background check service is essential for finding a responsible tenant or a qualified employee. But using just any service is not sufficient. There are many kinds of companies offering these kinds of services. If you want your screening process to be worth the money you pay for it, be sure it has the following features.


First, it is very important the background service be credible in the screening process they provide for you. After all, if you’re going to deputize a company to go searching through someone’s personal information, don’t you want that company to be trustworthy? 

A good background check company needs to be held to the same standards as the potential tenants or employees you hope to screen. In order to be sure your provider is credible, make sure that they are accredited. This means the background service company will have to go through audits by an independent agency to show that they follow all laws and regulations.


An old saying asserts that “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” That level of accuracy just won’t cut it when it comes to background checks. In many cases, a lot is on the line when a person has their background checked. The results may affect where they live and how they make their living, so it’s important to use a background check company that takes accuracy seriously.

Using a company that has been accredited will ensure that the company provides accurate results. You should also look for positive reviews on the company or other objective third party opinions, to double check that you are hiring a background check company that provides good results.


Timely results are a necessary feature of a background check service. Both you and your potential business partners need swift results, allowing you both to get back to running your company.

If you hire a provider that is slow or doesn’t meet deadlines, this makes the hiring process more difficult for you. The screening service is of no use to you if you get the results too late. Make sure the service you pick has a reputation for providing speedy results, set the deadlines up at the beginning, and ask them to stick to them.


At a base level, a background check should help you decide whether or not you’re comfortable doing business with someone. So what factors do you consider deal breakers? Make sure your background check business respects all of your relevant criteria, so you can make the most informed judgement call.

Most often, a background check should include a criminal check, reference check and drug testing, so make sure the background check company you select provides all of these services. The company you choose should have a full offering of services so that they can provide for all of your needs, otherwise you will waste time and money going to multiple providers. Review the offerings on the company’s website and ask their representatives to give you a summary of them, in order to make sure they do in fact provide the services they have listed.

Quality Customer Service

A background check requires careful attention to detail, both in the background check itself and in interactions with all parties involved. If a company is unprofessional with their customer service, it’s not unreasonable to assume they’re cutting corners elsewhere.

Responsive, patient, and informed customer service is necessary to guide you through the background check service, so essential to your hiring process. Look for companies that provide excellent customer service, because you will need timely responses and informed help as you go through the screening process.

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