3 Essential Things to Look for When Hiring New Employees

Performing a thorough background check on a potential employee is the first stop in limiting employee turnover and retaining good ones. A background check will help you with the difficult and time consuming process of hiring the right person for the right job, and one that will stay with your company for a good amount of time. Studies show that it costs more than $4,000 to hire a new employee, so be sure to use a good screening service to make this expense worthwhile. While a background check does take a little time and money, it is essential for the following reasons:

1. Verification of Qualifications

The primary reason for a background check is to be sure that all of the qualifications your potential hire present to you are true. If you don’t verify the education and work history (and identity) of your job candidate, you could very well find yourself looking for their replacement in the near future.

2. Eliminate those who Use Illicit Drugs

Second, you need to be sure that your new hire does not use illicit drugs. You can’t determine everything about a person with just one or two job interviews. With a background check, you can be sure that all of the positive qualities you saw in your new hire during the recruitment and interview process will not be marred by unpleasant surprises. A drug screening will tell you whether your bright, shiny new prospect uses illicit drugs, and you can then eliminate this person, saving you a costly mistake that could have terrible consequences for your company.

3. Eliminate those with Violent Tendencies

Last, you also need to be sure that your new hire does not have other qualities that you may have missed during the interview process. Your new hire should not have violent or confrontational tendencies. It is very important to be sure your new hire is not only qualified and a good match for the job role, but is also emotionally stable. Performing a background check will allow you to eliminate these kinds of people from consideration, saving you the time and money that would result from an incident in the workplace.

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